TeamSpeak3 Server Ubuntu/Debian Installation Guide

Hi, all! I like all things TeamSpeak. So I thought I could write an article on how you would install it on your Ubuntu or Debian server. A thing to keep in mind is I will try to keep the download link updated as much as I can but if I forget you will just need to grab the latest server download from the TeamSpeak downloads page.

Anyway, enough chit-chat! Let’s get into it! 😀


Run this command to install the depends.

apt-get install curl bzip2 -y


If your server is 32-bit you will need to run this command:

curl -o teamspeak.tar.bz2

If your server is 64-bit you will need to run this command:

curl -o teamspeak.tar.bz2

It is VERY important that you download the correct file for your operating system. So make sure you get it right 😛


Next, we need to extract the file you downloaded like so.

tar -xjf teamspeak.tar.bz2


Now we need to set up the user that TeamSpeak will run as. I will use the user TeamSpeak in this tutorial.

adduser --disabled-login teamspeak


Now we want to move TeamSpeak to the user’s directory we just created. If you didn’t use TeamSpeak as the username just replace the part in bold with the username you used.

mv teamspeak3-server_linux_* /home/teamspeak/teamspeak3


Next up we need to make sure we change the permissions of the teamspeak3 folder to allow the user we created to access it. Again if you didn’t use the username TeamSpeak just replace the bit in bold.

chown -R teamspeak /home/teamspeak/teamspeak3


Now we need to add the TeamSpeak3 startup script to the init.d files.

ln -s /home/teamspeak/teamspeak3/ /etc/init.d/teamspeak


Now we need to tell the server to update the init.d scripts.

update-rc.d teamspeak defaults


Now you can use commands like.

service teamspeak start
service teamspeak stop
service teamspeak restart


Please note the first time you start the server it will spit out some information like this. PLEASE save it as you will need it!


                  I M P O R T A N T
Server Query Admin Account created
loginname= "serveradmin", password= "qp8UdSH7"

                  I M P O R T A N T
ServerAdmin privilege key created, please use it to gain
serveradmin rights for your virtualserver. please
also check the doc/privilegekey_guide.txt for details.



And now you are done. Every time you restart your server, TeamSpeak will automatically start with it.

Good luck and happy TeamSpeaking! 😀