Discontinuation of Social District

After a lot of drama about SD, it is time to finally wave it goodbye. At the beginning of the year, two of the original founders left it to pursue their hopes and dreams, and the recent data loss scenario has left me with a lot of the information for it, missing. So from now […]

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Music I use on YouTube

For some of the royalty free music I use on my YouTube channel, some of it requires you to provide credits, so here it is ­čÖé   Spectre http://bit.ly/1PZb4qm Alan Walker http://bit.ly/1N8GC8M Invincible http://bit.ly/29Qe20G Deaf Kev http://bit.ly/29Vc3tD Jumbo http://bit.ly/1W9r8se Alex Skrindo http://on.fb.me/1J4ivND MIKO http://bit.ly/1RO7RMq Phantom Sage http://on.fb.me/1OQmfTm Unity http://bit.ly/1J5XfXV TheFatRat http://bit.ly/1J5XgLu Infinite Power! http://bit.ly/23397QU TheFatRat […]

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A lot of stuff broke – Website Corrupted

A complete archive of my website here.   When I saw “LAX03-VZ91 Service Update – Data Loss” in my inbox, I knew I was in trouble.   Dear┬áSam Howell, We are sending you this email as we have discovered that two drives that mirror the same data have failed, which means any data left on […]

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