2degrees vs Voyager: A Comprehensive Look

In New Zealand, we’re spoilt with choice when it comes to the internet, often, so much so, that people can struggle to pick an ISP. 2degrees and Voyager are some of the nerds’ favourite providers, so let’s put them head to head.

All these tests were performed on exactly the same hardware, the only change being the ISP.


Let’s dive into the spreadsheet here, all results are an average of two tests performed back-to-back. The “best” results are underlined.

2degrees: Friday-10pm (5th March 2021)
Voyager: Friday-10pm (26th February 2021)

Now, these times may be biased, so I have many more results recorded throughout the week and may post another table from another time, one time I had in mind was 4 am.

Spark, Auckland, NZVoyager8.24ms927.95Mb/s446.82Mb/s
2degrees, Auckland, NZVoyager8.18ms915.22Mb/s455.22Mb/s
Voyager, Auckland, NZVoyager8.35ms930.62Mb/s462.33Mb/s
2degrees, Sydney, AUVoyager32.27ms917.86Mb/s405.57Mb/s
No surprises here2degrees29.54ms922.26Mb/s452.94Mb/s
OVH Cloud, Sydney, AUVoyager32.19ms38.26Mb/s255.63Mb/s
Faulty server?2degrees29.89ms21.56Mb/s372.17Mb/s
MyRepublic, SingaporeVoyager131.87ms394.92Mb/s94.31Mb/s
2d routes via US2degrees248.39ms781.77Mb/s47.01Mb/s
OVH Cloud, SingaporeVoyager124.84ms876.10Mb/s130.26Mb/s
2d routes via US2degrees214.72ms846.09Mb/s99.38Mb/s
Windstream, LAX, USAVoyager135.95ms715.63Mb/s117.71Mb/s
Spectrum, LAX, USAVoyager145.73ms447.01Mb/s158.12Mb/s
2degrees, LAX, USAVoyager132.93ms869.90Mb/s85.82Mb/s
Upload results are so close!2degrees130.41ms923.27Mb/s84.27Mb/s
3UK, London, UKVoyager267.30ms459.84Mb/s125.15Mb/s
ORANGE, Rennes, FranceVoyager293.72ms616.01Mb/s95.53Mb/s


This is a tricky one, as we see from the results above Voyager really shines in the Southeast Asia region. This is because 2degrees routes traffic via the states.

I run a Smokeping server, so we can use this to get an idea of the latency from 2degrees and Voyager.

North America
US East (N. Virginia)200.7ms195.0ms
US East (Ohio)205.7ms199.5ms
US West (N. California)140.7ms140.0ms
US West (Oregon)160.0ms154.3ms
Canada (Central)205.7ms202.7ms
Germany (Frankfurt)297.7ms280.7ms
Sweeden (Stockholm)321.4ms286.2ms
Italy (Milan)321.6ms287.2ms
Ireland (Dublin)300.8ms281.5ms
United Kingdom (London)290.4ms271.6ms
France (Paris)295.9ms270.6ms
Hong Kong151.9ms221.5ms
Japan (Tokyo)200.2ms246.5ms
Japan (Osaka)201.2ms252.1ms
South Korea (Seoul)212.0ms267.8ms
India (Mumbai)193.4ms447.1ms
Australia (Sydney)34.3ms30.4ms
South America
Brazil (São Paulo)319.8ms420.2ms
China (Beijing)187.9ms443.5ms
China (Ningxia)211.2ms339.8ms
Middle East
South Africa (Cape Town)337.1ms412.7ms


It’s a tough pick between the two, but here are some key details:

  • Voyager wins the fastest “national” bandwidth.
  • 2degrees wins the fastest “international” bandwidth.
  • 2degrees wins the latency tests for North America and Europe.
  • Voyager smokes 2degrees with latency to Asia-Pacific, South America, China, Middle East and Africa.

A lot of stuff broke – Website Corrupted

A complete archive of my website here.


When I saw “LAX03-VZ91 Service Update – Data Loss” in my inbox, I knew I was in trouble.


Dear Sam Howell,

We are sending you this email as we have discovered that two drives that mirror the same data have failed, which means any data left on the RAID 10 storage array became irrecoverable.

While this is an unfortunate situation we would like to avoid, computer hardware failures do happen and we are not responsible for any lost data. Again, we would like to stress the importance of making backups of important data.

We are now setting up a new VPS for you and you will be able to access it through the original IP within the next 24 hours.

We apologise for any incovenience. Please contact us should you have any questions.



I will be restoring my website over the next few days.