SinusBot Bootscript Installation Guide

This tutorial will explain how to install the SinusBot automatic starting script on Debian and  Ubuntu 15.04 and lower servers.

Lets get straight into it!


First, we need to install the dependencies.

apt-get update && apt-get install curl screen -y


Next, we need to download the script and change its permissions. The script I have used can be found here. Full credit to its author.

curl -o /etc/init.d/sinusbot
chmod 777 /etc/init.d/sinusbot


If you followed my installation tutorial you can skip this step. Otherwise, if you didn’t you can use this command and edit the script to your linking.

nano /etc/init.d/sinusbot


Now that is done we just need to tell the server to use the file with the following command.

update-rc.d sinusbot defaults


UPDATE: The following commands may not display any text when typed on Ubuntu 16.04 or higher. I am aware of this issue and am going to release a short video explaining a workaround soon.

Now just do

service sinusbot

and it will list all the options you have! For example

service sinusbot start


service sinusbot stop


That will be all <3